It’s been far too long…

but it’s great to be back!

Those of you with exceptional memories will maybe recall this blog from about a decade ago. I like to think at it’s height, small, but perfectly formed, well received by many who know comics and the culture surrounding it. We managed to break some interesting stories and bring you some great features that I know many enjoyed.

Sadly, of course, time has a habit of making things change and one of the biggest issues I have faced over the last decade is an ongoing, running battle with the black dog we call depression. That made it very very difficult to maintain, let alone contribute meaningfully to a comicbook blog. So sadly, it had to go. I felt that was a better option than simply leaving it languishing, with no new content being added, and so I took the difficult decision to call time on it.

I had tried to save an archive of the old site but sadly, being the less-than-well-organized person that I am… well let’s just say, that didn’t go to plan. So we move on and turn a fresh sheet of virtual, pixelated paper and start anew, fresh with a tabula rasa that gleams with potential.

I have no specific “niche” to aim at here. Anything relating to comics, comicbooks, the culture and of course the now buoyant movie scene is all fair game. Although my initial interest in comics was always the superhero genre, I see no reason to stick with that. After all, comics have always been used as a form of social commentary (Constantine springs to mind) and as political tools, and even in some cases, historical records (see the excellent Maus by Art Speigelman for an example of that.)

But above all, comics are entertainment –  and although often belittled as “lightweight” or lacking in gravitas, it often takes a viewer (we don’t simply read comics) time and effort to interpret the pages before them. The Art, the Words, the Panels, even the Sequencing of the Panels is critical to our understanding of  a particular comic. It’s also easy to forget that comics are more than often a collaborative effort between several people, unlike books, as a general rule. Novels tend to be written by individuals, and authors are largely left to their own devices, other than being edited toward the point of completion, but a comic takes a writer, artistm frequently an inker, plus a letterer and a colourist, bringing a team on board to produce a single issue, however long that issue is. And we do notice if one of those creative inputs changes midway through. Art styles can suddenly jar as artists change, or writers can pick up on different threads of a characters narrative… and so it goes on.

So, dearest reader, please make yourself at home, strap in and feel free to enjoy an incredible journey into one of the most amazing cultural art forms of our times. There are no rules other than please approach this content with an open mind, try not to form too many preconceptions and enjoy. Oh, and wherever possible, feedback, either by comments or sharing with your friends who may also be interested.

Thanks for getting back on the ride and let’s make it a journey to remember!


December 2019